About Us

Cindi Rowley is a decorative painting contractor who has trained extensively with the best experts in the business, including Annie Sloan. She has traveled throughout Morocco and Italy mastering techniques and finishes and has incorporated her studies throughout her designs and in the unique products she carries at Refined.

How art became a business…

“Following my creative side and love of art is what has inspired me to follow my passion. I love being able to pick up something others would feel is trash and transform it into something beautiful, something that could be a statement in your home.

I have worked in homes and businesses throughout Southern California for over 25 years. My projects have ranged from extravagant to simple. From applying 24K gold to Los Angeles City Hall, making concrete look like Limestone, to adding Venetian Plaster are just a few of the projects I’ve been involved in. Each project tells a story and each project is a chance to turn something into a piece of art.”

Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan, what it is and why I use it…

“When I painted with Chalk Paint® in 2011, I was absolutely amazed at what this paint can do. I have used so many brands and types of paint and I knew I stumbled upon something that can work for everyone. I use to transform designer finds and bring them back to life for clients in their homes. I would strip, prime and refinish each piece. Today I can use Chalk Paint® and it is easy to finish something in one day. That’s when I knew I wanted to bring a store to help others do the same. Hunting for the perfect item, customizing it with paint, that is what excites me. I strive to create one-of-a-kind pieces.”

After selling Chalk Paint® since 2011, Refined Vintage Boutique opened its doors in 2015. It is a product of years of work, discovering new techniques and design and wanting to bring a decorative touch to the homes of others. Refined is a place to create, it’s a place to find small touches and most of all it’s a place built for the customers. We have always received so much respect and true appreciation from the work we do. It is what inspires us every day. And now it is something we can share with you openly. Come join us!


Product Lines

With the easy-to-use Chalk Paint® you can repurpose and restore furniture. Very forgiving, the product is ideal for both first time painters and professionals. Just apply two coats of paint each will dry in about 20 minutes, and then two coats of soft wax. The end result looks perfectly aged and European. No priming or sanding is required and you will end up with a velvety matte feel with very little effort.

Wood Icing™ is an innovative texture and resurfacing product for furniture and cabinetry.

Artisan Enhancements™ offers low VOC, clean, easy-to-use mediums.

Workshops – Refined is a place where you are allowed to get creative. Take a workshop led by Cindi and get inspired to see your own vision come to life.

Home Goods – One-of-a-kind pieces and vintage finds. Gifts for your home or for others. Gifts for bridal and baby showers, house-warming parties and more. From cheese-plates to decorative pillows, candles, soaps and frames find something special!

Jewelry – We are proud to carry a variety of handmade pieces to accent an outfit or give as a gift. Statement necklaces, bangles and earrings.

Refurbished Furniture – Including furniture created from wine-barrels and painted furniture.

Paint and Finishes – We want YOU to experience the process of painting and creating yourselves! That’s why we provide professional collections to get you started and offer workshops to help along the way.

Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan – We are excited and proud to carry the entire line of paints in all colors. Tackle cabinets, furniture, frames or small projects. We carry everything you need to become successful including brushes and tools. We will teach you how to use it all!

Products from General Finishes – Artisan Enhancements and quite a selection of professional stencils.