Saturday Workshop Fun!

Beginning Workshop Fun! We had a blast on Saturday’s workshop learning about the paint and the different textures you can create. We created three different finishes and learned about the dark and clear waxes and worked on our own pieces as well.  It was a fun day! Here are some pictures of what we were working on throughout the day, not all of the samples and pieces are completely finished.


image-4image-6imageimage-5image-7image-8image-3image-12image-9image-11image-10IMG_1773image-13IMG_1777 IMG_1772IMG_1775IMG_1776IMG_1778

Our next beginning workshop is Saturday June 22nd from 9 am to 1 pm. We have spots available. Still offered at a reduced price of $125. Visit our site, email or give us a call!


  1. Your class was fabulous, we had a blast, you are a terrific teacher Cindi. Karen , Michelle, Linda and I will for sure be back for your next class. We would love to see more before and after photos on your website, with the colors and technique you used. Especially for people who live far away if we see something we like and want to do, they will know what colors to order. Many of us don’t have the artist vision, we just have to see it and know that is what we want to replicate. Thanks again.

    Karyn Borsotti

    • Karen,
      Thank you really enjoyed the class as well. I am working as we speak on getting better before and after pictures up. It always amazes me how everyone just gets along just as old friends…(of course 4 of you were..). Hope to see you in the next class!